Cyber Security

Are you concerned about security? With recent cyber-attacks worldwide, businesses can never be too careful or too secure.

Cyber Security

With our seamless Cyber Security service, we monitor 24/7 and protect networks, computers, applications, and data from unauthorized access. We create customized solutions for your Cyber Security needs because it’s necessary that your information is protected. Let your company be empowered by our Cyber Security service, as we do the hard work for you. Future-proof.


Network Security

Security service at the enterprise level that allows us to monitor and control resource use of the network and protect it from unauthorized access

Endpoint Control

Solutions that allow us to monitor and manage modern elements that connect to an enterprise network. This includes antivirus protection, data loss prevention, data encryption, information leakage protection, and event logging. These solutions are not limited to the customer's network; they are adaptable and have the necessary mobility for its users and technologies.


A model of security service that does not require equipment purchasing. The customer has security service accessibility from a high-availability platform with the option of it being managed by the customer or Neptuno. This service decreases capital costs and allows flexibility in the purchase of protection and security services on-demand.

Vulnerability Management

Consulting services for the detection of vulnerabilities, classification and mitigation of security risks in networks and enterprise IT environments. This service is part of our menu of solutions geared towards compliance in regulated industries.

Penetration Test

Service that tests the strength of a network of infrastructure, and detects vulnerabilities before an external attack. This service is part of our menu of solutions geared towards compliance in regulated industries.

Risk Assessment

Identification, evaluation, and estimation of risk levels involved in a client's situation


An outsourcing model for security management. We help you seamlessly protect your network with comprehensive security. Be cool, we’re future-proof.