Technology Solutions

From data management to giga solutions, we make your business future-proof. Let Neptuno nPower your business. Be cool, we are future-proof.

Data Center

The most premier and seamless Data Center
in Puerto Rico.

Our facilities deliver top-tier network connectivity for business and enterprise services, as well as physical and logical security and technical expertise. These services are always available to support your business operation and safeguard your data.

Support 24/7

Our technical expertise is available 24/7 to nPower your business operation and safeguard your data.


Neptuno’s Collocation Services offer affordable, reliable, and convenient data center services based on a secure and redundant carrier-class environment, for all types of companies that need a stable and secure network environment.



Hybrid Virtualization

Provides the equipment, licensing, and managed services to implement hybrid virtualization or extend the customer's actual virtualization to Neptuno’s Data Center. Hybrid virtualization is not limited to servers; our solution provides network, storage, and security as a virtualized platform.


Hosted Virtualization
IT Virtualization
Hybrid Infrastructures

Data Backup

Disruptions are common and costly, and create long-term impacts. Our data backup and disaster recovery solutions minimize impacts of disruptions with automated monitoring and fast, reliable recovery. Let us handle your data backup and disaster recovery complexities… so you can focus on your business.


Data Protection
Long-Term Archiving
Cloud Backup

Physical Facilities

Our metro area Data Center is strategically located for network connectivity, which is the neuralgic life stream of any data center. Out top-tier network connectivity is achieved by a Carrier-Neutral Meet-Me Room.


24/7 armed guards for security surveillance
Building-wide video surveillance
Motion and heat detection sensors
Fire supression system

Our state-of-the-art data center with uniquely designed capabilities has redundant power, video surveillance, 24/7 control access, temperature control system, redundant data communication connections, environmental control, and fire suppression system.

Our data center is located in Puerto Rico and has HIPAA compliance. Our operations are geared to standardize procedures and policies to support and uphold data center compliance and act as an extension of our customers operations. Our technical expertise is available 24/7 to nPower your business operation and safeguard your data.


The data center network operations are supported by our independent island-wide network and a Carrier-Neutral Meet-Me Room. Data center tenants have the choice to select the carrier transport as well as the option to select a redundant carrier between customer facilities and the data center.

Carrier-Neutral Meet-Me Room
A space where companies can physically connect to one another and exchange data without incurring in local loop fees.

Physical Facilities

Our Metro Area Data Center is strategically located for network connectivity, which is the neuralgic life stream of any data center. Our top-tier network connectivity is achieved by a Carrier-Neutral Meet-Me Room.

Our data center design consists of compartmentalized areas that utilize PODs in a physical environment and provide optimized energy-efficient cooling, electrical power, and space.

It’s equipped with a next-generation gas fire suppression system designed to quickly detect and extinguish fire without damaging critical infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster and unexpected events, such as fire and vandalism, keep your business operating smoothly in a space that is professionally equipped with 24/7 security, vigilance, and monitoring.

The future of your business needs a new kind of technology provider: our disaster recovery service is how we help businesses prepare for the future. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are processes that help organizations prepare for disruptive events, such as atmospheric events and prolonged Internet and power, telephony, or data service interruptions. These are your tools for tomorrow. We are future-proof technology solutions.

Reserve or Drop-In!
Optional PCs, telephone service, fax, printer, and photocopier.

Business Continuity Service

In the event that your business is displaced due to a disaster, you can immediately move your key staff members to our ready-to-use workgroup recovery office spaces, so that you can continue business operations while permanent office spaces are restored. We do the hard work for you.


An integral part of the Disaster Recovery Plan, it works as a location where an organization can relocate following a disaster.

  • Internet
  • Data transport
  • Dedicated telephony circuits
  • Physical security
  • Reserve or non-reserve workgroup space

Access to data is the lifeblood of a successful company’s day-to-day operations. IT organizations are facing increasing challenges to protect critical applications and IT infrastructure against various problems caused by downtime. With Continuity Services, storing, protecting, and accessing your data is effortless.


Backup services for your data.

  • Centralized management
  • Real-time monitoring and custom alerts
  • Scalable integration with identity management system
  • Source-based encryption
  • Hybrid local and cloud backup


nCloud is the delivery of computing services such as servers, storage, databases and software over the internet.

Private nCloud

Virtual data center with high level of security and its own infrastructure for exclusive use and private access, where the information is hosted in the provider’s data center.

Neptuno Networks offers a resource pool of CPU power, memory, storage, and networking in a multitenant environment. Our customers benefit from the security and elasticity of a PRIVATE nCLOUD. They also have the option to keep management and control of their IT infrastructure.

Hybrid nCloud

A combination of public and private infrastructure that combines and adjusts according to the needs of the client

Microsoft Azure

A collection of integrated cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of data centers.

nCloud Powered by
Office 365

A Microsoft software that provides cloud-based productivity, communication, and collaboration with top-of-the-line tools.


Scale your database applications to a service model that provides managed services with enhanced Always-On availability, secure database with Always-Encrypted, and hybrid hyperscale database with Stretch-dB.

With our nCloud service, we do the hard work for you. nCloud delivers computing services such as servers, storage, databases, and software over the Internet. The Cloud, which is a metaphor for the Internet, relies on shared resources rather than local servers or personal computers to handle applications. Let Neptuno nCloud empower your business.