We nPower your business with seamless technology solutions that foster business connectivity, lower your IT operations, minimize risk and protect your data.

From technology solutions to telecommunications solutions we make your business future proof. Let Neptuno nPower your business. Be cool, we are Future Proof.


Meet nCasa

PIC Healthcare

Meet PIC Healthcare

Welcome to Neptuno!

Your technology and telecommunications source.

We focus on the specific needs of our clients to develop an innovative and customized solution.

We take pride in our Seamless Technology Solutions, our reliable quality of service that assures you’re not going to experience cumbersome transitions, interruptions or gaps. We guarantee our clients a seamless, consistent experience across the boards. A smooth ride into your future with no bumps along the way.

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We provide a wide range of solutions built to seamlessly accommodate the present and future needs of your company. Every solution has a specific purpose, built to satisfy the present needs and ready to undertake the next level.

Advanced Package

Already have the basics? Now it’s time to upgrade. Enter our next solution in seamless technology - the Advanced Package. We’ll shape the future needs of your company with the addition of Technology and nCloud Solutions. Can you say Future Proof?

Services included
Data Transport

Essential Package

The Essential Package is the basic foundation. Take the first step toward empowering your business with our seamless technology trio of Internet, Data Transport and Voice (VoIP). With this package, we will support and help your business get settled in and set you on the right track to becoming future proof. Let us show you what nPowered by Neptuno really means.

Services included
Data Transport

Premium Package

The Premium Package is our ultimate future proof, seamless technology solution. From basics like Internet and Data Transport to advanced solutions such as Disaster Recovery and Managed Services, it’s a complete package of technology solutions that will empower your business seamlessly. What else can we say? It’s as safe as you can get. So be cool, you’re now fully Future Proof.

Services included
Data Transport
Technology Solutions
Disaster Recovery
Managed Services
Data Center



Healthcare services need to be as up to date and in compliance with their technology as their clinical services. We make sure hospitals and healthcare providers are at their technological best.


We will make sure you have the most efficient technology solutions to facilitate the best learning experience for your teachers and students.

Professional Service

With over 100 years of experience designing the perfect solutions, we provide empowering solutions that will improve the quality of your services and exceed your client’s expectations.


Our technology solutions will help your bank seamlessly conduct business for your financial services and help you feel safe accepting and safeguarding money knowing your business is protected.


In an industry so reliant on excellent customer service, we can help you in being sure you have the right technology solutions to put your best foot forward. From captive portal and guest access to PMS integration and WIFI design, we can help you communicate seamlessly with your current and future clients.


We help retailers run their business more efficiently by providing them with tailored technology solutions that fit their needs and grow their profits, low overhead and ease of management skills.


Tailored technology solutions will help you communicate effectively and efficiently with your team.

Our Advantages

Located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Certified Specialists on Call

Advanced Monitoring & Reporting Tools

Completely Bilingual Staff
English & Spanish

24/7: NOC Network Operation Center
Offers Technical Support & Proactive Monitoring 24/7/365

Our Network Operations Center is our first line of defense. Its primary tasks consist of proactive incident prevention and monitoring of our infrastructure, customer circuits, managed services and Data Center. Highly skilled, trustworthy and customer satisfaction oriented are just a few of the words used to describe our NOC personnel.